Monday, September 19, 2011

Book Review No. 3 - Beautiful Creatures

Beautiful Creatures
By:  Kami Garcia & Margaret Stohl
Series:  Caster Chronicles #1
Publisher:  Little, Brown - Sept. 2010
Pages:  563, Paperback (Own)  
Plot Rating:  5
Character Rating:  4.5
Read:  Aug. 2011
Genre:  Fantasy Fiction, Young Adult, Paranormal Romance, Magic

First Line:  There were only two kinds of people in our town.

Zakiya LadyWings's View:

I've finally started reading this series after feeling like I was missing out on something big for the last two years. Now I can see why everyone is so crazy about these books!

The main character, Ethan Wate, lives in a small town named Gatlin, South Carolina. The town's shut-in, Macon Ravenwood, hasn't been seen around town in years. He stays in his house and doesn't want to be bothered with the rest of Gatlin's residents.  

Macon's niece Lena moves into town at the beginning of a new school year. Lena is immediately the town's outcast. She doesn't belong there, and it seems that everyone in Gatlin is making sure she knows it very well.

The plot was absolutely bloody ahmazing! I really liked the addition of witchcraft (of some sorts). Casters just might end up being the world's next obsession! Okay, well, maybe not, but still. I wish I was a Caster; they're fantabulous.

Lena was standing on my front lawn in her pajamas. The neighbors would have a field day, and Amma would have a heart attack. . . . A heart attack, and then a stroke.

The characters in Beautiful Creatures were awesome, too. Lena, before she went into depression mode, was most assuredly my favorite character. Once her depressing mood set in, though, Ethan was "all the rage."

Kami and Margaret portrayed a lot of grief through Ethan's father. He was a shut-in of the town as well, only he was accepted by Gatlin's people, and Macon was feared.

Amma was probably my third favorite character; she cares so much for Ethan and his father. She did anything and everything she could for them. She always had one of those old souls that reminded me of my mom and great-grandmother. She's pretty humourous, too!

I just bought Beautiful Darkness Saturday, so I should be starting it really soon! So anxious to start it!

Aunt Mercy put down her tiles. . . . I-T-C-H-I-N. "That's not how you spell it. There's no T in itchin'."

Zakiya LadyWings totally recommends this novel! Whether you're a paranormal person or simply looking for a great book, Beautiful Creatures has it all!

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  1. I LOVE this series! Great review. I am so excited for the third book to come out.