Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Book Review No. 1 - Once In A Full Moon

Once in A Full Moon
Full Moon #1
By:  Ellen Schreiber
Publisher:  Katherine Tegen Books - 2010 
Pages:  292 Hardcover (Own)  
Rating:  3
Book Cover Rating:  4
Read:  Sept. 2011
Genre:  Fantasy Fiction, Young Adult, Paranormal Romance, Werewolves

Morbid Romantica Challenge 2011

By the Mad Scientist

First Line:  It began underneath the haunting flow of a full moon.
Black Disaster Fairy's Take:
Once in a Full Moon has not received the best of reviews throughout the blog-o-sphere and GoodReads.  Nonetheless, I decided to push the concern aside and give this book a shot.  It looked like a short read and I couldn't let this signed book sit on the shelf any longer. Too bad the shortness of the book affected the overall quality.

Our cookie cutter good girl is Celeste.  She is lives on the right side of the city, hangs out with the in crowd, and dates the quarterback of the school - Nash.  Celeste's best friends date Nash's friends naturally... it is an ideal sixsome.  Her bland life is launched into a whirl wind of confusion when the mysterious bad boy Brandon shows up at school.

Brandon and his bad rep launch the students into a rumor rage based on a old town legend.  Celeste might just find out how true the werewolf legend is. 

What I didn't like...

I found Celeste to dote on Brandon too much.  All of the obsessive inner monologue bored me and was obnoxious at the same time.  They didn't even know each other!  Her friends did not care for her happiness.  Fitting in and upholding the highest popularity status was more important. 

The werewolf mythology behind this particular lore just does not work for me even if it is original.  It is more cute then scary.  The werewolf is just... hairy.  He speaks like a person and is not destructive.

Once in a Full Moon is just predictable.  

What I did like...

Brandon!  He was very likable and made the book worth reading.  I wish there was more about information about him.  I was on edge whenever he let Celeste treat him badly (it was disappointing a bit actually).

Mr. Worthington.  He was a lovable old man who made his home at the local nursing home.  His manner was great, such a grandpa.

It was a very quick read :)

PhotobucketOverall, Once in a Full Moon is not a book I would recommend.  Ellen Schreiber does not grab my attention or make me enjoy the characters as much as one would hope.

However, this book might make a good Tween book.    

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